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Little Thing Called Love chapter 10 pt. 1
That night, George tossed around in his bed, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. He had been doing that for about an hour and a half until he just gave up and sighed, looking over at the clock on his nightstand.
"Two thirty…" George looked up at the ceiling.
"Might as well just have a smoke…" He kicked the covers off him and got out of bed, grabbing his cigarette pack and some matches.
As he walked out of his bedroom and past the living room, he noticed John and…Arabella on the couch.
"What's wro-" He began but Arabella interrupted him.
"Drunk. Don't tell a soul." She pointed at him, shot him a glare then brought a glass of water up to John's mouth.
He just nodded and hurried over to the balcony.
As George lit himself a cigarette, he heard a voice come from his left.
"Couldn't sleep, huh?" He looked to the left and saw Charlotte.
"Not really, no. How about ye?" He had a drag of the cancer stick and let the smoke roll out of his mouth.
"John woke me and
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 9
(Yes, after months of not updating, here it is. I deeply apologize for not uploading chapters, I've had some bad writers block these last weeks :/ but I hope this chapter makes up for the wait :meow: let me know what you think! Also, should I put translations for what Arabella says?)
The following two weeks went by smoothly. When a word got out about Sam and Charlotte, the public was a bit suspicious, especially the fans. Moreover, just as Arabella said, no one noticed her. She stayed out photographs, avoided reporters and only showed up when she was needed. Reporters tried to get their hands over as much information about Sam and Charlotte but found it odd when they could not find anything. Who were those mysterious girls that appeared out of nowhere? The teenage girls did not mind who they were, the only thing they cared about were their future husbands. They also wondered why Paul was always by Sam’s side. After all, wasn’t she Brian’s cousin?
“AGH! I’m
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Reunited by RavenWing48 Reunited :iconravenwing48:RavenWing48 4 6
How Deep Is Your Love? (BxR)
This was requested by :iconsandw1chl0vr: :meow: 
Hope you like it!
It was a clear sunny morning in London and the sun shined in through the windows of Londoners. Moreover, if we looked through one particular window, we could see two men lying beside each other, looking completely content and happy. The eyes of the older man blinked open and he looked at the man beside him. Brian smiled and brushed Ringo’s hair out of his face.
Ringo woke up to Brian's touch and then smiled widely.
"Morning..." Ringo yawned.
"Good morning." Brian kissed Ringo's cheek.
Ringo sat up and stretched.
"Mm...What's happening today, then?" He got out of bed and put his boxers on.
"You and the boys have to be at the studio in..." Brian glanced at the clock.
"Half an hour. And I have to do some calls." Brian finished.
Ringo nodded, got dressed and then left their flat.
No one knew about Brian and Ringo’s relationship, and they wanted to keep it what way. They had considered letting the others kno
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 8
Paul woke up first, and noticed that his arms were wrapped around Sam's chest. He smiled but it quickly dropped and he gently unwrapped his arms. Paul did like Sam but didn't want to seem pushy. He got out of the bed and hurried over to the door.
Paul walked into the kitchen and saw Ringo, Arabella, George and Charlotte sitting at the kitchen table.
"Morning everyone." He yawned, scratching his chin and getting himself a cup of coffee.
"Morning." Ringo replied.
"Didja sleep well?" George smirked, a teasing look in his eyes.
Paul smirked back.
"Just fine, thank you."
Arabella glared at him.
"If you hurt Sam in any way, I will come after you with a hunting rifle." She said coldly and Paul's eyes widened in panic, nodding his head slowly.
"I-I promise I won't." He stuttered.
Charlotte rolled her eyes.
Arabella was very protective of Sam and Charlotte, sometimes a bit too protective.
"Morning lads." John walked into the kitchen and got a cup, filling it with tea. He yawned, grabbed a
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Arabella Koch by RavenWing48 Arabella Koch :iconravenwing48:RavenWing48 1 4
Little Thing Called Love chapter 7
"Here we are! The Beatles flat!" Paul exclaimed proudly as they walked inside the foyer. Much to the girls' surprise, it was spotless. Charlotte figured they had some cleaning team hired.
The flat was actually on the top floor in a 6 story building in London that they stayed in. Mal and Neil also stayed here but in order to get to their room, there was a door in the kitchen which had a staircase that led to a secret floor that was a bit smaller than the Beatles one. There was a phone next to the door that was used to get Mal and Neil down if their service was needed.
Sam gaped at the sight of it, it was beautiful.
She saw this pretty brass railing around the large room that was two steps down. There were four openings in the railing, with steps that were white and grey marble leading to different areas of the flat.  The room in the middle was covered with the burgundy carpeting, and near the far left corner stood a shiny new black grand piano.  There were cartons an
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 6
"But Br-" Paul tried one more time.
"No. They'll just be a burden."
"But you have to admit that they are from the future! You even saw that black mobile thingie!" Ringo exclaimed.
"Look, boys, maybe they are from the future, maybe not. However, the truth is, I don't know if they're bluffing or not. How about, one of them tells something about each and one of you that others don't know."  Brian looked at Arabella, who had yet not spoken.
"You look like the more professional one. No offence." He nodded at Sam and Charlotte.
"Oh, ye don't wanna speak to tha' one, Eppy. She's a nut case." John said with a smug smirk on his face.
Brian ignored him and looked at Arabella expectantly.
"You don't want to ask me about these guys. If anyone, you should ask them. They have everything you'll ever need to know about the Beatles." She nodded towards Sam and Charlotte.
Brian sighed.
"Alright, tell me one thing about each and one of them that the world doesn't know."
Sam and Charlotte
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 5
"Arabella? Arabella!"
Falling, yes I am falling. And she keeps calling me back again.
"Huh? What?" Arabella opened her eyes and blinked. She noticed Charlotte hovering over her.
"Oh thank God.." Charlotte moved so that Arabella could sit up.
"What happened? Where are we?"
"Okay, so you're not going to believe this but we are in Abbey Road Studios!" Charlotte squealed.
Oh, right. The crystal ball, Arabella thought. She stood up and brushed dust off her.
"Where's Sam?"
"Right here!" Sam came running towards them.
"Can you believe it Arabella? We're in Abb-" Sam began but Arabella cut her off.
"Yeah yeah, Abbey Road Studios. I know." Arabella rolled her eyes but smiled anyway.
Sam gasped suddenly.
"Oh MY GOD!!" She nearly screamed.
"What??" Charlotte looked around.
Sam ran over to the piano that stood in the middle of the studio.
"Charlotte, can you believe this??" Sam reached out to touch the piano but drew it back as if it would crumble to million pieces if she touc
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Little Thing Called Love. JUST A FILLER
Falling. That’s how Arabella felt like. Falling through time and space. She opened her eyes and noticed that she was still falling through some sorts of an tunnel. She looked around her and saw Sam and Charlotte were also falling but their eyes were closed. The Beatles were nowhere to be seen. For some reason, the song I’ve Just Seen Face came in Arabella’s head. Arabella closed her eyes again and sang the song.
Falling, yes I am falling. And she keeps calling me back again.” Just as she finished the line, she blacked out again.
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 4
Arabella put two cups of tea on the coffee table for Sam and Charlotte.
"It's really you, isn't it?" Charlotte asked, looking at the men.
John groaned out loud.
"O'course! Goddammit, we're not fakin'!" His temper was running out.
Arabella glared at him.
"You shut your mouth, Brit." Her temper was also running low. Arabella did not like John. Not. One. Bit.
Ringo, George and Paul all looked at each other, their eyes widening in panic.
"Don't you tell me what to do, ye blood thirsty Russian." John spat back.
Uh oh, Sam thought. Arabella hated nothing more than being criticized of her nationality.
"Now, you listen to me, you little kусок дерьма. I will not be looked down on just because I am Russian. This is 2014, women have rights and people are not judged by their nationality. If you have a problem with that, затем идут в ад." Sh
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 3
Back to 2014
The foursome landed in a dark room with a thud. George landed in a bathtub while the other three were sitting on the floor
"What happened? Where are we?" Paul looked around, panicked and confused.
"I can't see a thing.." John groaned and stood up. He took a step forward and accidentally stepped on Ringo's foot.
"Ow! That was me foot!" Ringo whined as he stood up.
"Well it's not my fault that ye have such big feet." John snickered.
Suddenly a door opened, letting light in the bathroom. The boys saw three girls, standing in the doorway. Two brunettes and one with black hair. The brunettes gasped in shock and both fainted.
"Great.." The one with black hair groaned and kneeled down to her friends.
She shook the other girls but they didn't awake.
"Well don't just stand there! Help me!" The woman said and the men could hear her thick Russian accent. She picked up one of her friends and carried her into the living room. Ringo shook his head and picked up the other one, following
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 2
October 12th 1964
"Alright, if you could just stand there and then Ringo would be on the bike." Director, Joe McGrath said, getting behind the camera. Paul, George and John, on Joe's signal, walked infront of the camera and began playing.
"Baby's good to me you know.
She's happy as can be you know,
She said so.
I'm in love with her and I feel fine.
Baby says she's mine you know,
She tells me all the time you know,
She said so
I'm in love with her and I feel fine."
Ringo then ran behind John and Paul and got on the bike.
"I'm so glad that she's my little girl
She's so glad, she's telling all the world
That her baby buys her things you know.
He buys her diamond rings you know,"
Ringo's head shot up and winked at the camera that was in front of John and Paul.
"She said so
She's in love with me and I feel fine, mmm
Baby says she's mine, you know
She tells me all the time, you know
She said so
I'm in love with her and I feel fine
I'm so glad that she's my little girl
She's so glad, she's te
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Little Thing Called Love chapter 1
12th October 2014
"C'mon Arabella! It's Saturday and you know what that means." Sam said, smiling.
"Movie night!" Sam and Charlotte said in unison before giggling like japanese schoolgirls. Arabella smiled and shook her head, opening the door to her bedroom. The three girls were renting an three bedroom apartment in London. It had a small kitchen, a small living room and two bathrooms but the washer and the drier were in the larger one.
"I'm coming! What movie are we watching tonight?" Arabella flopped down on the couch as Charlotte made popcorn.
"Help!" Sam said exitedly.
"Help? I haven't seen that one." Arabella shrugged and Sam gasped.
"What?? We've been living together for like three years now and you're telling me that you haven't watched Help? You even like the Beatles!"
"I like the songs they made in their later years." Arabella corrected her.
Sam just groaned and Charlotte came into the living room with two bowls full of buttery popcorn.
"What are you talking about?"
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Johnnie Boy~ by RavenWing48 Johnnie Boy~ :iconravenwing48:RavenWing48 1 3 Surprise kiss by RavenWing48 Surprise kiss :iconravenwing48:RavenWing48 3 33




Just an hour ago, the news of Christopher Lee's passing were announced, as the actor died on Sunday, June 7th at the age of 93.
Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee was a movie legend, having starred in more than 280 movies but best known for his role as Count Dracula, the wizard Saruman the White and the villainous multimillionaire Francisco Scaramanga. 
I just wanted to thank him for all of his great work and my heart goes out for his family.
Gone but not forgotten.


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I like to draw but not all the time lol.
I'm a big fan of Pewdiepie, Uberhaxornova and Seananners.
My favourite bands are The Beatles, Gorillaz, Of Monsters and Men and The Rolling Stones

John Lennon is my favorite Beatle! :iconjohnhelloplz: :iconsexylennonplz: :iconscaryjohnplz: :iconlennondisgustplz:

And Ringo is my second favorite :iconringoislaughingplz: :iconepicringoplz: :iconringothelionplz:

I adopted Robert Plant from :iconget-a-celebrity:

I like trains :iconderpplz:


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